Hello, my name is Daniel Mališ, and this website is a result of my long-term efforts to identify the core principles for regaining and maintaining health, regardless of their origin.

Why was I searching for those principles? Because I couldn’t identify them back in the mid-1990s when I was completing my medical studies in the Czech Republic.

At that time, I realized that Western Medicine doesn’t really cure patients, but instead treats them continually, mainly with pharmaceuticals, and often for the rest of their lives.

This is what I saw, and I had some doubts.

I knew something was wrong with that approach. If the treatment was effective, how come the patients weren’t eventually cured of their diseases?

And since all the treatment efforts usually only resulted in the patients kept being treated, with no end in sight, why didn’t the doctors try something else?

But saying that something doesn’t work is one thing, and having a solution is quite another. At that time, I was unable to come up with anything better, and realistically, I was too young and inexperienced for such a task.

However, despite not having a better solution, I couldn’t put up with the idea of following treatment protocols that I saw as ineffective and counterproductive.

So I changed my career plans. I still got my M.D. degree, but in the meantime, I also started studying law, with the expectation that with my medical background, I’ll be well qualified to focus on Medical Law.

That expectation proved correct, and during some 20 years of practicing as an Attorney-at-Law, I was involved in every client case that had anything to do with medicine. Thanks to this experience, I saw medicine from all possible angles and perspectives.

Me as a Partner of a law firm that I co-founded, seeing numerous aspects of medicine and healthcare as a lawyer specializing in Medical Law.

But my initial conundrum was still unsolved. Are there some core principles that can be applied within any system of medicine to really see the patients get back to health?

Or is any search for them futile, because if they existed, someone would have come up with them long before me, right?

In 2016, I decided to take an extended 6-year sabbatical to find out, along with embarking on my Ph.D. in Medical Law.

I knew that if it took me 6 years to study Western Medicine, I’d need at least the same amount of time to identify something potentially better.

Will my efforts be worth it, or will I just lose 6 years of my income to find out that there are no core principles for regaining and maintaining health?

During my sabbatical, I researched various systems of medicine, their treatment procedures, methods, and protocols.

I read books, textbooks and medical articles, took online courses, and listened to interviews with top medical experts and practitioners in various medical fields.

Fortunately, within the first 4 years of my intensive study and research, those coveted core principles gradually started to crystalize. But it took me another 2 years to sort them out and arrange them into the current 12 Root Cause Medicine Principles.

My goal was to keep the 12 RCM Principles as simple as possible so that they could be applied and understood not only by doctors, but also by the patients.

As a matter of fact, the active role of the patients in the whole process turned out to be so essential that I also needed to formulate the 12 Root Cause Medicine Attitudes, designed primarily for the patients.

I realized that patients have to be active and empowered for the 12 RCM Principles to work. With that aim, I’ve come up with the 12 RCM Attitudes as well.

You can see the results of my long-term quest on this website. If you’re interested, please read through the 12 RCM Principles as well as the 12 RCM Attitudes.

Within just dozens of minutes, you can reap the results of 12 years of my study and research. And hopefully benefit from them, too.

Yes, you can compress 12 years of my efforts into just dozens of minutes of your reading time. Talk about efficiency!

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